About me

Ivan - ivantee CCBC99BB-DC95-4B8E-BDC3-22619633B302-626x1024
We Catania’s people are quite challenging people: think of Caponata (typical dish of Catania), a single dish that is a mixture of thousand flavors, is not significant?

My name is Ivan… you did not expect it, eh? 😀

I was born in Catania (Sicily) in ’91 but at the age of 20 I moved to another city, where I currently live and work.

In everyday working life I’m a Software Analyst at a large IT consulting company, while outside the office I’m just Ivan … no, ok, I’m always Ivan even in the office!

I’m a lover of gym and fitness, technology in general, photography (I love landscapes) and shopping. Being a good Sicilian I am also a lover of good food, what did you expect?

Other passions include singing, I’m an expert in singing in car and singing in the shower. Maybe I’m also intoned, who knows.

I still do not know what I’ll do when I grow up, maybe the fireman or the space shuttle pilot. My dream is to move and work in California, time will tell.

Ivan Tee is my nickname since 2006 when I messed up records with my Stanton T60 turntables. Good times.

The hippopotamus instead, which as you have noticed is the focus of the logo, represents my inner world. Apparently It is an awkward and quiet animal but in fact, if threatened, it is among the deadliest mammals. I represent myself in a hippopotamus but don’t be afraid, I’m not lethal 😀

Thank you for taking a minute of your time.

The elephant you see in the picture is the symbol of Catania, my city, and in Sicilian slang is called “Liotru”. It was built by architect Gian Battista Vaccarini in 1737 after the disastrous earthquake of 11 January 1693.

You read more at this link https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fontana_dell%27Elefante